We provide a range of services that people need to keep their trees healthy and aesthetically pleasing. Our services will help your landscape exude confidence by addressing architectural tree care requirements such as tree shape, risk, structural integrity and appearance. There are a variety of benefits of engaging professional tree care services.

Rest assured, these services are provided by a professional who has more than 20 years of experience in tree care. We know how to improve the natural beauty of trees while preserving their stature, seasonal character and stature. Here is a bit more about our services.

Tree removal: Got a diseased or old tree on your property that you want cut down? Are you thinking of expanding your house and a tree is getting in the way? If you want to remove a tree for these valid reasons, we can help.

Tree pruning: Tree pruning or trimming is necessary to ensure that trees remain aesthetically pleasing, to remove dead and decaying branches, maintain it’s structural integrity and protect the landscape, property and maybe even the tree itself. So we understand why these services are necessary and we are happy to provide them.

Tree stump grinding: Bare tree stumps can be unsightly and can spoil the look of an otherwise pleasing landscape. They are also dangerous. People can trip over them, fall and hurt themselves. There is no reason to keep these stumps on your property. If you have many tree stumps on your land or if a stump is large, it is a good idea to engage a professional like us.

Pruning top hedges: Well shaped hedges are no accident. Hedges have to be trimmed to keep them compact and tense. It should be done from the beginning. Then there are other questions like how often to trim the hedge and when is the best time to do it? Now, that we’ve agreed that you have to prune the hedge, it can also be said it is good idea to engage a professional to do it.

We are also giving out free wood chips to use as mulch for a minimum 20 yards. We also have free unsplit wet wood in 4′ length. We can also provide other services on a needs basis.

So if you want to speak to us about our services, please feel free to contact us. We are also open to advice you on tree care. Send us an email at or call us at 631-261-3124.